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Passion for sports

Since my youngest age, I have been a sports fan. At 5, I discover rugby and fall in love with it. I also practiced it for 20 years, have been in a well known team. Unfortunately, I got injured and had to stop practicing at a professional level. 

Nevertheless, I wanted to be a professional in sports, and help others in it. I have practiced or still practice rugbly, judo, basketball, pentathlon, surfing, running and working out. 


Training people

I discovered and still enjoy training people since 2006. I trained children from 6 to 16 in pentathlon and rugby in a team. I then decide to study to become a sports trainer.

Since I started in this line of work, I have worked mostly in fitness centers, either with high level athletes or everyday people and helped them achieve their goals. I enjoy this activity a lot and am looking forward to developping it further.  


My degrees / my studies

To work as a personal trainer, I passed the French State Degree in Sports Preparation (Brevet d'Etat d'Educateur Sportif), hold a College Degree in Physical Preparation (Diplôme Universitaire de Préparation Physique) from the Bordeaux (France) 2 University, and a Master 2 in Training, Physical Preparation and Sports Management (Master 2 d'Entraînement, Préparation Physique et Management du Sport) from the Strasbourg University.

I still regularely learn new approaches and skills through continuing education with new sports equipment like kettblelt, TRX as well a global approaches like Global Active Streching (SGA).


My goal for you

Sports world changes and it changes fast. New discoveries about the human body are made everyday. 

I want to keep learning, and keep on the cutting edge of sports training related skills. I believe that only then I can provide a quality training to you.

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