Improve your daily life

Are you bothered by pain in your daily life moves?

Do you feel you can’t use your body the right way?


Many people with back or neck problem consult a physiotherapist, and they are right to do so. The personal trainer complements the physiotherapist work. 

The therapist focuses primarily on the consequence: the pain whereas a personal trainer can work on the long run on the causes.


Did you notice : very often your pain comes back


You want to learn the good postures, usefull in your daily life: standing straight, lifting heavy charges without hurting yourself, be able to work without straining yourself… 


You can also make your daily moves easier and less painfull: bend down, tie your shoes, …


Every single improvement can make your life better! 


This is designed for you if: 

You want to feel better in your own body

Don’t want to be in pain (whereas in hard labor or in daily life), or to prevent straining

Stand straight, keep a good posture in any situation


I can help you with:

Building up your legs and back muscle strength

Local and global active stretching (SGA)

Postural training


Did you realize ? If you take care of the causes of your pain, you won’t have them anymore


Don’t hesitate to contact me or take a look at the price list if you want to know more.

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