Why do I need a personal trainer?

Even if you had previous sports experiences or trainings, you can’t bring yourself to practice regularly or you don’t reach your goals...

You want to manage your own training, find new exercises, you want to change…

You might just need a helping hand to make it happen.


Personal trainer: a professional at your service

A personal trainer has studied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics as well as physical training methods. As a professional he can adapt to different people and goals and has the skills to build your specific program to reach your objectives. 


Personal trainer: your helping hand

He is not a tormentor you pay to make you suffer! He is your quality of life project manager. He has the skills and knowledge to help you make your goals happen.

Having him following your progress, makes it easier to have a regular training, far easier than training on your own.

This is a real helping hand, not an enforcement ! 


Personal trainer: an educator

The personal trainer helps you take charge. He will teach you exercises, methods making you able to achieve your training on your own.


“The golden rule of coaching is to listen to your players as you would have them listen to you.” John Kessel

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