Losing weight

Losing weight means losing fat.

It is far more relevant to waist size than simply considering your weight on the scale. You might only lose 5 pounds, but at the same time lose two pant size. 


Some diet methods will have you lose weight fast, but at what cost!


Today, we want everything and everything fast ! But you need to thing about our health, be patient and avoid comebacks. Losing more than 5 pounds a month can be risky. Some diet methods actually make you regain weight later on!

These gain-lose-gain cycles are really unhealthy: you lose weight too fast and your body gets rid of everything that consumes energy.

That’s why, when you stop your diet, your pounds come back, and usually with a vengeance!


Once again, it doesn’t have to be this way !


A more global approach means reducing the risk of a later weight gain. It implies a better balanced nutrition and a regular physical activity. I feel strongly against low energy diets! “Slowly but regularly” is a more efficient solution on the long run. 


This program is for you if

You want to lose weight, regardless of age, health or how many pounds you wish to lose. 

You have tried several times to follow a diet and did not reach your goal. I can help you to

Take up or resume physical activity and appreciate itImprove your heart condition through various cardiovascular exercises


Why couldn’t you lose weight ?


Don’t hesitate to contact me or take a look at the price list if you want to know more.

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