Terms and conditions

1/ Physical integrity disclaimer

During your first meeting, your coach will ask you for a medical exam. If it is not provided, Jean-Baptiste Meslet, disclaims any liability in case of accident due to any physical condition the client might have known from a medical professional. 


2/1 General price list

- 1 person : €68 per session

- 2 people: €78 per session

- 3 people: €88 per session

* one session last 45 minutes to 1 hour.


2/2 Price includes

- a training session by a state certified professional (at any time, the client can request to see the trainer professional id)

- trainer on site transport (limite to Paris and direct suburban region)

- minimum standard equipment for the session (for specific requirements, the trainer can require the client to buy his/her own additional equipment)


2/3 Overcharges

- Depending on the geographical intervention site, additional fees can apply.

- Training sessions in a sports center can induce an additional fee or subscription


3/1 Payment

- prepaid (session number can be adapted to the client need)

- unitary for every session

- packaged

No credit is allowed.

Prepaid sessions are limited to 3 month. If the trainer is incapacitated for more than three month (except during the annual vacations), unfulfielled prepaid sessions will be fully reimbursed. Howerver, Jean-Baptiste Meslet reserves the right to delegate an other trainer to fulfill the prepaid sessions.


3/2 Payment options

Payment can be made: 

- cash

- by checks

- bank transfer


4/ Planning and cancelled sessions

- Sessions must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. They will be billed if not fulfilled in the next 2 weeks

- Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be billed

- Every on site transport for a cancelled session will be billed


5/ Non-sollicitation

The client insures he will not sollicitate directly any trainer directly or indirectly presented by Jean-Baptiste Meslet.


6/ New client and cooptation

- Refer a new client and win a free session

- Invite a person during your session for a free discovery (limited to one person per month)


7/ New client special offers

Some offers are limited to new client. 

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